Recently Group M.A.M. has invested in a brand new coating facility. The full-fledged sputter roll coater allows for a multitude of coating layers including metals, oxides and nitrides. This leads to a series of high end window film products having top notch optical filter properties. The very efficient manufacturing equipment, along with a film width of over 2 meters results in a very competitive pricing for our customers.

Patent protected window films are available, as well for solar near infra-red energy reflection (temperature comfort in summertime) as for low-e heat reflection (insulation in wintertime).

Above products are not only supporting the end customer with comfort and heating/cooling efficiency. They are also very beneficial for the environment. They reduce strongly the CO2 emissions and the need for high peak loads on the grid, resulting from the HVAC consumptions in a hot summer period. Again, in wintertime, they reduce the need for fossil fuels. Mother nature is our best customer.

Apart from its core know how in window film technologies, Group M.A.M. has also process and product expertise in barrier films, solar energy, specialty packaging and building and construction products.

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